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Welcome! I enjoy designing and building electronics. Here I’ll document electronics projects I work on in a bit more detail than I can do on twitter. Basically this is just the same images I put on twitter, but with some more words padding them out.

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MSP430 custom ezFET Lite

Summary Texas Instruments has a range of 16 bit microcontrollers, the MSP430. To program these require what they call a Flash Emulation Tool (FET). Thankfully all their affordable development kits contain a small stripped down FET, known as the ezFET Lite. TI has open sourced this design and provide both the firmware and the schematics. I was given a tag-connect cable as a giveaway through the 43oh, MSP430 community forum....

March 8, 2022 路 1 min

Dell XPS13 RAM Upgrade (7390)

I鈥檇 recently bought a new XPS13 7390 (non 2-in-1) laptop. I had bought the 8GB variant, how hard could it be to upgrade? ...

November 20, 2021 路 10 min

Boson Frame Grabber Part 6

Still alive? 馃 Yes, it鈥檚 true this project did get dropped for awhile, it鈥檚 been about 3 years since the last blog post. ...

November 17, 2021 路 6 min

Boson Frame Grabber Part 5

RTL Architecture The original version of the frame grabbing PCB used an iCE40 HX8K FPGA. This turned out to be a little small for the features I wanted to add. I managed to get it to a state where it would capture images from the Boson 320, but everything was hardwired together, and not easy to alter or reuse. In order to improve module reuse and extendability a standard interface should be used....

November 3, 2018 路 5 min

Boson Frame Grabber Part 4

The new hardware for the Boson Frame Grabber will be based around the Lattice ECP5 family. Lattice make available a free IDE for this FPGA assuming you are not using a model with embedded SERDES. Since we are not, it鈥檚 perfect for our application. ...

September 9, 2018 路 5 min