Homemade PnP - 2 - Belts and pulley's


Received some bearings today, made use of some G2 belt I had lying around. Unfortunately I do not have enough for one side. due to the core-xy configuration the frame size I've built requires over 6 meters of G2 belt. More is on it's way.

I've also added the steppers (0.9 degrees/step 1.8A) with 14 tooth sprockets. Combined with the 1/16 microstep drivers on the smoothie board this results in just over 228.5 steps per mm. (I might change to 16 tooth sprockets to get an integer step/mm value)

Configuration on the smoothie board is very easy. (see: h-bot config )


I had some F693ZZ bearings which were going to go into another project. But turns out they are well suited to this. They're 3 x 8 x 4 size with a flange. the original author of the D-bot used 3 x 10 x 4 flanged bearings.

With the bearings in I can actually run the gantry. It's speed isn't stellar, that can be upgrade later by switching the motors out for 1.8 degree versions to trade accuracy for speed.

Project Progress

  • Added flanged bearings to route belt around frame.
  • Added motors to frame.
  • Programmed smoothie board.
  • Added belts to system
  • Very basic wiring to enable test of the system.