SMD tape/reel holder


Inspired by this SMD Organizer project, I decided to create my own. Personally I do most of my laser cutting on MDF, Very cheap and easy to source. I own a very cheap laser cutter designed in china and distributed globally without a consistent brand or name. Searching for '40W CO2 Laser' on ebay/aliexpress typically turns up results. Mine worked quite well out of the box, but your mileage may vary.

The downside of the cheap lasers is their cutting area. It typically does not restrict what you can create, but does slow down productivity from having to load/unload material. The cutting area is A4 sized which restricts the amount of nesting that is possible.


The build follows the original authors. Except I've used 3mm MDF. So 1 spacer and 3 main parts to create a 9mm tape holder. M4 threaded rod is used, my local suppiler sells this by the meter. The pictured holder is 245mm long, so only a single rod is used. A 1.6mm steel rod is employed to aid in holding down tape and to peel the plastic off. 


Qty Desc Cost Total
1 M4 threaded Rod 3.5 3.5
1 1.6mm Steel rod 1.5 1.5
57 MDF spacers - -
18 MDF seperator - -
2 MDF ends - -



Here are my files modified for my needs from the original.