Stackable Storage Boxes


After having my laser cutter for a little while I wanted to work out what I could make with it. I found a great project on thingiverse. Here is my version,  which is a derivative of StackBox by Martijn. The idea is simple. Create laser cut panels that fit together into a box that is stack-able.

The original one by Martijn was a bit to big for my cutter, which has a cutting area near A4 (300x200mm). Because of this the box panels cannot be larger than this. To enable the creation of usual storage boxes the sides and bottoms are using most of the work area. The front and back are both cut out from a single piece. This means each box requires 4 separate cutting jobs, which is time consuming.


Version 1

This version followed the original plans very closely. I started making these when I had just bought my laser cutter and was still not sure how changes in the design would affect the finished box. I made some minor changes to tolerance and tab widths, but nothing too major.

These boxes used a press fit and lock design, which was nice, very easy to put together. The biggest downside in the design was the tabs protruded from the edges. This made it next to impossible to have two boxes next to each other. They also tended to bump into each other when moving around.

Version 2

This update addressed the issues with the protruding tabs. Unfortunately this comes with an assembly cost, which involves glue. However the boxes are much more rigid, and require fewer laser hours to cut. So I'll still call it an improvement. Additionally the handle is moved lower, to increase rigidity. The physical dimensions have remained the same such that the new boxes can inter-stack with the old boxes.



  • Version 1.0 - dxf
  • Version 2.0 - dxf