led clock v1


Finding new uses for my laser cutter, I decided to resurrect an old abandoned project. Mostly abandoned because it had no case. After some internet research (googling 'laser cut cases', etc.) I found some really interesting living hinge designs.

Firing up Rhino, I got to work making some designs. I really wanted to show off the hinge's organic shape. Hence the final M shape of the clock. I had bought some buttons in bulk, and still deciding on a final colour. They internally have a LED, which could be utilized at some stage.

One thing that is great about the laser cutter is the time. I managed to iterate through 10 different designs in one afternoon. Something which I would have never have thought possible before. Here is the box, containing my prototyped iterations.



The main Clock features two PCBs; a LED driver/carrier PCB, and a control PCB. At this stage the control PCB consists of a development kit. However the control PCB has been through 3 iterations. The first was done in Altium, my first Altium project I got fabricated. and the final 2 are done in KiCad. Below is a timelapse of me routing the Kicad PCB, if you're interested in that kind of stuff.

If I was making another version of this PCB I would attempt to move from 0402 parts to 0603 parts, as this would make component placement so much easier. This design contains 128 0402 resistors. -_-