Homemade PnP - 1 - Basic Frame


I have settled on using the core XY gantry because I have not used it before and I really like the idea of both gantry motors being stationary. With the uptake of 3d printers within the community many parts required for this type of machine are now very cheap and easily sourced from Chinese markets. After some research into the gantry design I settled on building upon the D-Bot Core-XY 3D Printer by spauda01. I think it is a great minimalist design, making use of the 20x40 variant of v-slot takes care of the complicated belt crossover required by core XY systems. Using this existing design should speed up the process since I have very little experience with designing stuff like this.

Project progress

  • Printed out major frame parts (directly taken from D-bot project)
  • Bought v-slot extrusion from local distributor. (makerstore.com.au)
  • Purchased a mitre saw and Aluminum blade
  • Cut all extrusions to length, aiming for a A2 working area.
  • Assembled mechanical frame