Boson Camera Project: Focus Tool

I had a need to refocus the Boson 320. It had been focused for macro shots.


The lens on the Boson 320 is able to be changed, but it’s not really designed to be changed frequently. It requires a special tool with pins to lock into the front lens element to rotate it. I did not have the tool, but I did have the 3d model of the camera and a 3d printer!

Focus Tool.PNG

It was very easy to model up a basic tool. The main concept is that the tool is constrained to rotate around the lens barrel, it has to be a close fit. Some metal pins are fitted through the plastic to engage the lens.



Yep it works!



I’m not sure if this be of any use to anyone but I have uploaded the model if anyone requires it. In needs 4x 1.5mm pins or similar sized machine screws.