Boson Camera Project: competition runner-up!

Hackaday recently re-ran on of their popular contests from a few year back. The Square Inch contest. After reading the rules it was clear that my Boson project should be a valid entry, great!

I created a page for my project and updated it with information about my project. Attempting no to just cross post the same info to both my blog and that project page. (

I don’t think it was actually required, but I created a short preview video to help demonstrate the scale of the PCBs, and to give the quick elevator pitch of the product.


I’m personally pretty please with how this project is tracking. Considering I hadn’t built any projects with FPGAs 6 months ago. I’ve really been enjoying learing as I go, and think the quality of work can speak for itself. Unfortunately, as I am aware it is a very neiche product, which does limit it’s mass appeal.

But it looks like the judges of the competition agreed that my project has some merit! I won a runner up prize!

Runner up prize consists of a $100 OSHPark voucher, neat!

Great work to everyone who participated! The competition had about 80 entries! and there was a higher caliber of work presented, great competition! Congratulations to all the other winners!