2018 Christmas Ornament

JLCPCB sponsored this PCB. This allowed me to experiment with 4-layer decorative features and have the boards made in a beautiful red colour! Consider JLCPCB for your prototype PCB needs: https://jlcpcb.com/

Beautiful ENIG plating, and the inner layer provides amazing patterns.

The back has a simple circuit for powering 21 LEDs.


As a bit of fun I wanted to try my hand at designing a decorative PCB. Of course it’s Christmas time right now so that’s the theme of the design. But the techniques can be used to make any form of decorative PCB.

I write an extensive How-To on Hackster.io. This features the steps I went though to design this PCB, which you could follow to design your own.

I also have a limited number of these available for sale on Tindie: https://www.tindie.com/products/15720/


Colour changing LED (0807) above a 0201 size LED. On a 5mm grid.

The PCB makes use of these interesting LEDs. These include a small IC that fades colour of the LED through the rainbow. All you need to do is supply power. After a few minutes they get out of sync and it creates a really nice lighting effect.

Using these LEDs makes the electronics super easy, for reference here is the schematic


All the files for this project are up on Github: https://github.com/gregdavill/xmas-led

Additional images